Why play?

Well, why not? It doesn’t really create any negative carbon emissions. Here is what Paul Born says in his lovely book ‘Deepening Community: Finding joy together in chaotic times’: ‘We adults need to play because it evokes optimism, gives us creative energy, reduces stress, and provides the fuel to feel pleasure. Play also helps us develop the emotional intelligence that… Read more →

What the heck is flow?

I like this definition from Ken Robinson’s book ‘Out of Our Minds: Learning to be Creative’: The term ‘flow’ has been used to describe the times when we are immersed in something that completely engages our creative capabilities and draws equally from our knowledge, feeling and intuitive powers. How lovely would it be to spend more of our lives in… Read more →

Fall Playshops Starting Sept 15th

Playshops are 90 minute weekly sessions of creativity and play for adults. They are like your weekly yoga class, but instead of stretching your body we’re working your creative thinking skills. Each night we move through a series of activities to stimulate lateral thinking, non-linear communication, creative expression, play and general ‘getting back to being kids-ness’. My goal in designing… Read more →