Fall Playshops Starting Sept 15th

Playshops are 90 minute weekly sessions of creativity and play for adults. They are like your weekly yoga class, but instead of stretching your body we’re working your creative thinking skills. Each night we move through a series of activities to stimulate lateral thinking, non-linear communication, creative expression, play and general ‘getting back to being kids-ness’.

My goal in designing the Playshops is to enhance the ability of individuals to experience flow on their own and with others through co-creations. Learning to be creative together may just help us with some of the problems we’re facing in the world. This is a great place to just show up, leave work behind, and have some fun with other great humans.

I have nurtured the idea of these sessions for years in my mind after my Masters in Organizational Leadership where I specialized in the conditions and capacities for groups to be generative together. I spent a fair amount of time looking through the lens of play theory. I keep returning to some of my favourite experience from the past doing theatre and being a camp counsellor. I wondered why wasn’t there a place for adults to have these kinds of environments to just play?

Here are Playshops*. If you are even the slightest bit curious, I triple-dog-dare you to come join in and see what it’s all about.

*I’m not the first to use this term!

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